Manual for UrbanBike

This page is the manual for using UrbanBike system. UrbanBike is a project hosted by Microsoft Research Asia, Urban Computing Group. This project aims to help goverment’s bike path construction planning in urban area, using Mobike trajectory data.
The manual consists of three sections,

User Interface Overview


Figure 1: The User Interface.

The user interface (Figure 1) of our system constists of four parts.

You specify the parameters and function to execute in Parameters, and view result infomation of different levels, in Result, Initialization Segments, and Main Map View.


The input part of the system. You can specify the parameters that contians

These parameters are partly required when you click Cluster or Compute for Clusters Preview or viewing Construction Recommendation.


A table that contains numeric statistics results of Construction Recommendation, including

Initialization Segments

A table that lists information of the segments where Construction Recommendation start to expand the construction. For each road segment, we present the information including:

Main Map View

A Bing Map panel to visualize the results for Clusters Preview and Construction Recommendation.

Examples for the Main Functions

The system has mainly two functins, to help users analyse the bike path construction scheme, which are

Respectively, here we show two examples for them.

Example 1: Clusters Preview


Figure 2: An Example of Clusters Preview.

You can view the clusters of road segments, that are the main parts of road network to build bike path component for each. Figure 2 shows an example. You specify k = 5 and ALPHA = 1.0, and click the Cluster button, then the clusters are shown in Main Map View. Clusters are distinguished by different colors.

Example 2: Construction Recommendation


Figure 3: An Example of Construction Recommendation.

You can view the final recommended construction scheme of our system. Figure 3 shows an example. You specify k = 5, budget = 50KM, and ALPHA = 1.0, and click the Compute button, then the recommendation and informations of different level are shown, as described in User Interface Overview. Specificly, in Main Map View, the initial road segments of components are pointed out with purple dots.

Clear The Results

You can clear the results clicking Clear button in Parameters part.


For more insights about UrbanBike project, here’s the link of the corresponding paper.